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  • A 2-3 hour interactive workshop with your leadership team. Each person gets their own individual 16-page personality report with information about preferred learning environment, leadership style, communication style, how they respond to stress, how they make decisions, etc.
    I walk them through team exercises that illustrate the differences and similarities of each person and its impact on the group dynamic. We end with a team analysis and how the personalities combine to create a team dynamic, with its own strengths and liabilities.
    Individuals will walk away with a personal and team action plan designed to help them work more effectively together.

  • Anytime the team membership changes, an entirely new team dynamic is formed. Do you want to get the benefit of using personality types without having the entire team repeat the workshop?
    Hold an individual session to help the new member understand their personality type and the team type.
    I can do private coaching to catch them up and then a quick team connect to get everyone on the same page (approximately 90 minutes with individual, and 30-45 min as a team).

  • A Deep dive on personality types and stress, how each type responds to stress, how they can get back to equilibrium, how the team handles stress, how the team can get out of stress, etc.
    Critical information for the success of any leader and team.

  • A closer look at decision making, the ideal decision-making model, what is the team missing when they make decisions, how to put mechanisms in place to create the most effective decisions possible, etc.
    The best way to ensure your leaders are making well-rounded and productive decisions.

  • Using just 2 letters, you can understand your greatest strengths, greatest weakness, overall style, Achilles heel, typical professions, main motivations, overall purpose, home décor, and more.
    Learn the secrets to quick understanding of personality type and the ability to get to higher levels of effectiveness and team work.

  • Do you want all of your employees to enjoy the benefits of knowing their personality type? This is a 3-6 hour workshop (depending on number of participants).
    Groups of up to 100 can enjoy this interactive workshop experience and walk away with an individual profile and several insights of their co-workers. These workshops are energizing, fun, and packed full of ah-ha moments for every participant.

  • Demonstrate early on that you are an organization committed to your employees’ development. Hold a Myers-Briggs session with your new employees to give them the gift of personal effectiveness. 
    Reinforce your company’s culture and values while increasing collaboration and teamwork.

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is the world’s most trusted personality instrument due to is high reliability and validity.
    The tool is backed by over 70 years of scientific research and global development and is used by a majority of Fortune 100 companies.
    Top universities and colleges everywhere use the MBTI for career development in their students and alumni. The Myers-Briggs assessment is available in 25+ languages.

Her guidance through the use of these tools helped our team realize our
complementary strengths, which allowed us to better allocate tasks according
to our strengths, and increase our team effectiveness.

Michele Mansfield, Associate Director, Procter & Gamble

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