I will get the whole team on track by
Creating Better Self Awareness though
learning about personality fundamentals.

Through Exploration and Understanding of fellow colleagues,
you will be able to apply successful strategies for team dynamics

Meet Teneal

Your Master Trainer

Teneal became a certified trainer for the
Myers-Briggs tool in 2002.

She had done 100+ team workshops, 1000+
individual MBTI reports, and numerous
career coaching, family group types, and
leadership coaching sessions leveraging
this tool.

Formerly a Master Trainer for the MBTI
within Procter & Gamble and Teneal has
done sessions across the US and in Asia

She also became certified in the Stressed to
Best training program in 2014, which
leverages the MBTI to manage stress.
Facilitating Myers-Briggs Team sessions is one
of her favorite things to do.


“Teneal has a special talent to help you recognize and master your potential to become your best!
The test results were really informative, but it wasn’t until the Myers-Briggs session Teneal facilitated that
everything really clicked for me. She led us through several exercises to help us internalize what our
test results meant. The session was interactive, engaging, and fun!”

-Katie B., Procter & Gamble Operations Manager

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Self Exploration of Personality Types
through Myers-Briggs Type Indicators
Can Help Your Team Become A
Powerhouse of Productivity!

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